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Combine innovative technologies and natural processes.

- Concerning the waste water and industrial treatment, IKOS Hydra develops custom-made treatment systems, in the line of the legislation requirements and challenge of the preservation of the environment.

- Therefore IKOS Hydra proposes turnkey solutions in designing and realization, proceeding from processes that are combinable, with ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation or methanisation. The setup of recycling systems of industrial water may result in the elimination of discards in the environment, while optimizing the energetic consumption.

- Urban waste water treatment is covered purification stations of 5 to 2000 equivalent-inhabitants, according to the following processes:
- Horizontal or vertical drainage of filters planted with reeds.
- Activated sludge.
- Sequential Activated sludge.
- Fixed Bacterial beds with mineral or artificial covering.

- IKOS Hydra also ensures the follow-up, care and maintenance of the installations and treatment equipments of urban and industrial waste water.

Among our significant references

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Création réseau eaux usées
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Station d'épuration par filtres plantés de roseaux
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Délégation de service public
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