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Prevention within quality service of quality

Maintenance is a central element in the process to ensure a sustainable quality service and to control the exploitation costs. An emergency repair or a hasty purchase of materials are often more burdensome than an investment in actions of preventive maintenance. Conscience about this issue for its customers, IKOS Hydra has put his know-how at the service of maintenance of all types of networks and installations.

The quality of these services is guaranteed by the availability and capacity of expertise of the IKOS teams, is intended to:
- control visits,
- interventions of preventive maintenance,
- high-pressure cleaning systems and emptying of vessels/pits,
- maintenance of green areas and networks,
- repair services,
- renewal of obsolescent electromechanical equipment,
- management of alarm signals (based on an on-call service open 24 hours 7 days a week).

IKOS usually equips the installations of telemonitoring devices. The latter allows making those exploitations reliable and optimizes the quality of the follow-up.

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