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India could experience one of the most important growths in the world in terms of ecological activities. Lhotellier IKOS is associated with a local partner, the company Mailhem, a family business, which meets the values of the group, with the aim to develop environmental solutions of waste treatment by methanisation processes. Mailhem Ikos builds and develops individual bio gas plants at low cost adapted to the specificities of that region, with suitable adaptations to reflect two specific needs: the waste treatment and the problems of electricity supply. Mailhem Ikos is backed up by the patent of IKOS to propose to the Indian communities installations of household waste treatment adapted to the territory. Other development of the group in India: the company IKOS Gaia Infrastructure: installation of water networks, installation of water treatment and ultimately building urban infrastructures. The group has 3 facilities in India with 167 employees: Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.