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Prepare the energy of tomorrow

Lhotellier Public Works obtained a genuine expertise in the preparation of access to the manufacturing of specific platforms for wind farms.

Many important steps such as strict adherence of specifications, implementation of networks parallel to the creation of access roads, ground works of platforms and massif foundations ... need to be respected in order to facilitate the setup of the windmills is far as possible.

Thanks to its interventions, more than 500 machines were installed in France.

Among our significant references

APEI de la région dieppoise
Aménagement RD940
Lotissement les iris
Déviation de la RD930
RN27 - Voie nouvelle à 2x2 voies
SCCV des Calètes
Aménagement de la rue Marchandin à Trie Château
Aménagement de la maison des services
Bassins de stockage
Modernasition d'une unité de tri
Requalification du stade Pierre OMET
Plateforme Logistique PROLOGIS
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