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A family enterprise serving its territory

The family group Lhotellier Ikos will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. Today led by Paul Lhotellier, the 4 generations have made a point to landscape the territories and to improve the living environment of the inhabitants.
The strategy is launched in a plan « Together towards 2019 », that will consolidate People and Territory to implement a multi-trade offer through the customers. The strength more and more significant of the 4 main 'removers' (depollution, removing lead, deconstruction, removing asbestos) and of the water strengthens the historical trades of Public Works, Environment and Materials. The established positions in Canada and India secure the group through new international clients.
The implemented strategy is voluntary and ambitious: Self-sustaining entities on a human scale, a local action close to the field, a personalized offer for each customer.
The appetite to build the group towards a future full of commitments and a common belief: