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Develop and pass on jobs, enrich people and territories.

Build, assemble, excavate, filter, refine ... through each of these acts the intelligence and energy of women and men are realized and established. Today there are more than 1216 people working directly for the group Lhotellier Ikos, in the scope of structures with human voluntary dimensions.
To live and work well within the group is benefiting as well from the geographic transversality and the inter-professional mobility. This way, the professional development is supported by learning the skill on-the-job, through specific training's and the possibility to evolve from one profession to another within the group.
Every year about 70 trainees come here to consolidate their education. About 15 young people with a special learning contract do learn a profession within the group. The majority will choose to join us in our team. By creating the Training school, Lhotellier Ikos offers the opportunity to young novices to experiment during one year every profession of the group, with the object of discovering the job and the professional environment which suits them best.