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Landscape planners of your territory

The company Lhotellier Public Works is in a position to realize all types of constructions of all kinds of dimensions.
It responds to the needs of the government, the locals communities and private companies: road infrastructures, industrial platforms, urban development, various networks such as sewage facilities and drinking water. For this purpose, Lhotellier Public Works is in a position to gather all the means – teams, materials and know-how – of these agencies.
The evolution in terms of skills of its staff is supported by regular training's.
The service QSE and the laboratories of the group conduct the construction sites for the realization of quality, in safety and according to the environment.

Among our significant references

Déviation de la RD930
RN27 - Voie nouvelle à 2x2 voies
SCCV des Calètes
Aménagement de la rue Marchandin à Trie Château
Bassins de stockage
Modernasition d'une unité de tri
Requalification du stade Pierre OMET
Plateforme Logistique PROLOGIS
Groupe scolaire Val Notre Dame
Requalification du bassin routier Clermont - Fitz James RN31
Création réseau eaux usées
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