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Landscape planners of your territory

The Building and Civil Engineering branch of the group is composed by the companies Cartier, JPL GC and Richard and puts its human competences and techniques at the service of public authorities, of private companies and private individuals.

Sized to intervene in all the domains of construction, they can do masonry work, reinforced concrete or isolation from outside, for construction operations or rehabilitation.

Among our significant references

SCCV des Calètes
Ilôt Pasteur
Salle des fêtes Arnaud BELTRAME
SNCF Dieppe
Réparation des équipements
Ouvrage d'art n°8000 194 - RD42
Ouvrage d'art : Pont du Vieux Château
Balcons Mers
Ateliers Municipaux
La Poste
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