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A resource to be protected, done by different trades

Ikos Hydra is operating sanitation networks of valves or rain water.
Ikos Hydra designs, develops and manages public or industrial ecological purification plants. This structure fits the best in its essentially rural context.

The water resource is a valuable asset that is better preserved, saved and recycled in the perspective of sustainable development. Knowing the territory is therefore a crucial element to achieve it.

As a specialist and perfectly situated, IKOS Hydra takes action in multi-activities in the water domain. The expertise of its team is precious in design-implementation, accurate for its operations of maintenance as well as for a delegation of public service, with the setup of a permanent standby system.

IKOS Hydra mediates at your side to meet your needs in the following domains:

- waste water disposal: construction and/or exploitation of purification plants, of impoundment stations as well as maintenance of the collection systems.

- in non-collective sanitation: exploitation of SPANC, draining and recovering material.

- rain water: construction and/or exploitation of separator systems, of network impoundment stations.

- drinking water: construction and/or exploitation of pumping station, of high-pressure cleaner, of treatment units.

Among our significant references

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