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Material to build our future

Local land or maritime extraction of materials, transformation in aggregates, manufacturing of products for concrete or roads, recycling, products for asphalt and pavements, low temperature asphalt, colored asphalt, asphalt based on binding agent of vegetable origin ... The group emphasizes on green technologies and with low CO 2 emission, most environmentally friendly materials and transport, local solutions and energy efficient.

Materials and a proximity industry for a sustainable development

Concerning production of materials and industrial implementation, the policy of the group Lhotellier Ikos has always relied on the principles of sustainable development:

- The integration of the territory reduces the displacements and promotes local employment;
- The physiognomy of the territory sets the framework for development and readjustment;
- The development of recycling preserves the resources;
- The limitation of energy consumption is the rule, in supply as well as manufacturing, thanks to innovation techniques and to alternative transport;
- Economic and ecological road techniques are a priority in customer service;
- The operation of extraction sites nearby will limit the distances of transport by truck and will that way also reduce the rejection of CO2.
The global offer of the group Lhotellier Ikos supports activities focused on the proximity of the end users.