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La pépinière Lhotellier

Building on its unique identity the family Group Lhotellier Ikos nearly 100 years old, unites its employees driven by strong core values and by putting in place human capital as essential to the success of the company. With a structure by territory, the service of human resources draws on a management based nearby to foster, develop the potential and create opportunities for everyone.

The active policy of the company is essential for Human Resources, always in line with the present and in preparation of the future of its employees, in order to continuously enhance customer satisfaction and their fellow citizens. The diversification of our businesses, the policy of initial and continuous education and the setup of pathways between branches and professional skills makes the management of competences flow through within the group. It is an absolute priority to ensure the security of women and men working every day for our company. The Service QSE, in partnership with Human Resources, initiates permanently actions of awareness, of prevention and education while empowering the employees and their managers. The proactive policy of profit-sharing emphasizing on human capital where the quality of each other's work benefits for all and creates employment.