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Optimizing raw materials

The processing of the soil ensures the necessary consistence to the execution of embankments or pavement layers (subgrade layer, foundation layer and base layer).
Since more than 20 years, Lhotellier Public Works is the specialist of techniques of processing of lime and cement soils or soils with hydraulically bound base layers. Those techniques contribute to the savings of natural resources. The laboratory analyses the soil with the object of defining with precision the dosages of lime and cement to obtain the necessary resistances.

Lhotellier Public Works has the necessary tools at its disposal to do the pouring out and moulding of the soil: Raco 350, WIRGEN WR 240...


Among our significant references

APEI de la région dieppoise
Aménagement RD940
Lotissement les iris
Déviation de la RD930
RN27 - Voie nouvelle à 2x2 voies
SCCV des Calètes
Aménagement de la rue Marchandin à Trie Château
Aménagement de la maison des services
Bassins de stockage
Modernasition d'une unité de tri
Requalification du stade Pierre OMET
Plateforme Logistique PROLOGIS
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