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The high technology to make your roads more durable

• The asphalt

Lhotellier Public Works has 2 fixed workstations of gritting new asphalt, Enrobés Plus and EVDS. They can produce 150 to 175 tonnes/hour of black porous asphalt, colored (Expression Plus) or vegetable origin (Végé Plus).
That way the supply on the construction sites can go up to 2500 tonnes per day. Those are applied by two specialized teams.
The road pavers equipped with beams in front and in the back ensure an efficient travel comfort regardless of the construction site: town roads with a lot of traffic and high ways.


• The resurfacing

The factory Newroad, manufactures necessary products to Lhotellier Public Works to execute the resurfacing: The surface dressing applications (ESU) and cold-mix asphalt.
Lhotellier Public Works has developed techniques of economical pavement based on fibre for the preventive maintenance of the roads: Fibroad, Bifibroad...
The laboratory defines the formulation and the most adapted dosages to the conditions of the road surfaces and the geographical environment of the roads concerned (in bright sunlight, shaded areas, etc.) 3 teams are predominately involved in the making of these pavements from which they master the different techniques, no matter if it is about the local roads or the roads with heavy traffic.

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