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We know about the tide !

The historical presence of Lhotellier Public Works in the maritime region has allowed its teams to construct a solid experience of interventions in maritime sites, affected by tidal cycles: construction of ports, clearing of channels, construction and reinforcement of dikes, etc.

The group has equipment adapted for works on the bottom of the sea more or less stable and all the technical capacities of fast intervention indispensable in case of failure or assistance.

Among our significant references

Marché à bon de commande
Collège Hyacinthe Langlois
Construction d'une gendarmerie autonome
Construction du nouvel hôpital Saint Jacques
Pôle enfance
Déchetterie de Louviers
ComCom Lyons Andelle
Aménagement lotissement
RD181 commune de noyer
La poste
Lotissement les Chanterelles
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