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Improve your new environment

Development of city centers, heart of the village or revaluation of classified sites, etc. Lhotellier Public Works has specialized teams in working with nobles materials (granite, sandstone, colored asphalt 'Expression Plus', etc.) and urban movable equipment, conform to the expected historical architecture of the construction owners, prime contractors and landscape architects.

All the interventions integrate the presence of merchants and users to restrict the constraints during the total duration of the construction.

Among our significant references

Marché à bon de commande
Collège Hyacinthe Langlois
Construction d'une gendarmerie autonome
Construction du nouvel hôpital Saint Jacques
Déchetterie de Louviers
ComCom Lyons Andelle
Aménagement lotissement
RD181 commune de noyer
La poste
Lotissement les Chanterelles
APEI de la région dieppoise
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