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Rehabilitation of land, promote the materials.

The profession of a demolition contractor has evolved towards deconstruction contractor, a profession at the service of urban redevelopment. This activity, which recovers the maximum of materials within the appropriate channels, fits in a logic of sustainable development.

Deconstructing a building needs a study phase before IKOS Sol Meix can execute the project. This phase allows to define the best methodologies in order to recover the concerned materials and to restore a land that can be reconstructed quickly. The objective of this study is to capture the cost of waste management.

IKOS Sol Meix is capable to manage a global project of rehabilitation of industrial wasteland needing cleaning up operations, demolition and ensure safety for the buildings.

When the size of the volumes to be treated are considerable, the group can provide movable equipment, such as a crushing unit and a recycling platform, allowing to rework the materials on the site in order to limit the transport.

Among our significant references

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