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Your concrete tailor-made

The company Richard is specialized in the manufacturing of tailor-made elements in reinforced concrete.

Since several years, the company designs, recommends and finds the solution, even special sizes, manufacturing existing traditional demands or particularly original: stringers, beams, balconies, stairs, manholes/pits, low walls, etc.

The company is Qualibat 2112 qualified.

Among our significant references

SCCV des Calètes
Ilôt Pasteur
Salle des fêtes Arnaud BELTRAME
SNCF Dieppe
Réparation des équipements
Ouvrage d'art n°8000 194 - RD42
Ouvrage d'art : Pont du Vieux Château
Balcons Mers
Ateliers Municipaux
La Poste
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