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With the precision of an expert for your comfort

Lhotellier Building construction deals with cutting walls and paving up to 40 cm of thickness, during the creation or modification of (new) accesses, the installation of the staircase, repair work by the civil engineer.

Its tools to cut the concrete (thermal or electric saws according to the constraints) reduce the noise and environmental nuisance caused by traditional demolishing methods. Those works can be realized on occupied sites and maximize the recovery and recovery of waste.

Among our significant references

SCCV des Calètes
Ilôt Pasteur
Salle des fêtes Arnaud BELTRAME
SNCF Dieppe
Réparation des équipements
Ouvrage d'art n°8000 194 - RD42
Ouvrage d'art : Pont du Vieux Château
Balcons Mers
Ateliers Municipaux
La Poste
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