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A major environmental concern

IKOS provides all type of industrial storage containers and collection tools which allow those industries to meet their legal obligations, to taken action concerning the recovery of waste and the protection of the environment. The choice of storage containers, as well as the rhythm of rotation of the collections and their volumes, are established in function of the concerned industrial activity. IKOS can also give advice concerning reprocessing channels.

Transport for industrial waste is done as such to avoid the waste flying away or being released in the nature. A mechanical workshop from IKOS ensures a maintenance service. IKOS also has an assistance truck.

The storage containers: open or closed rubbish collection trucks of all types, containers for all capacities, individual composters, access points for voluntary waste sorting.

Compaction tools : Packmat.
Collection tools : trucks for household waste collection, truck cranes, truck amplyrolls, waste collection trucks with a hopper bottom of 90 m.

For more information about the possibilities of waste collection and recovery:

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