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Selective sorting and global solution

The selective collection can be built exclusively on the contributions of volunteers or complements a service of door-to-door. This way IKOS proposes a service of collection of access points for all type of materials: newspaper and magazines, glass, packaging and multi-materials. IKOS can also support the communication of the communities in order to help them to improve the quality of sorting.

Thanks to software tools, IKOS follows up precisely and in detail the collected tonnage and adapts the management information to the needs of the communities: per point, municipality, perimeter and/or period, to optimize the management access points for voluntary waste sorting. IKOS provides all the necessary statistics and analysis, ready to be used and presented to the citizens, to those elected and administrations.

IKOS also proposes a global package solution which includes selective collections, sorting recyclable materials and elimination of non-recoverable waste.


Among our significant references

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