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Organize the collection, orient the treatment

The treatment of industrial waste depends of collection systems and sorting retained upstream. Separate materials at the source allow retaining the most optimal channel of treatment. By proposing you the study of your flow, IKOS allows you to optimize the collection and treatment at the same time.

IKOS is able to manage the whole set of categories of waste, recyclable or not (cardboard, fermentable, asbestos, sludge, wood, polystyrene, plastic, DTQD, etc.), and to propose elimination units for hazardous waste and medical waste. IKOS has the competence for grouping special waste and is able to facilitate at lower cost the transport and the treatment of this waste in certified units. That way traceability and prescribed security are guaranteed.

IKOS is contracted with the Water agency.

Recovery of industrial waste
After studying the flow and according to the quantities to be treated, IKOS recovers your industrial waste through the most valuable process. The fermentable waste is recovered by methanisation, petroleum-based plastic waste are converted to energy, wood as biomass, etc.

OVE, company of the group IKOS, is specialized in reconditioning expanded polystyrene from local fish trade.

Industrial waste storage
If the recovery of usable materials is technically or economically not desirable, IKOS can propose you storage options in approved storage centers for ultimate waste.

Storage compartments contain active and passive barriers which preserve groundwater. The geo-membrane and the earth that covers it allow the capture and recovery of biogas which is produced by degradation of waste. Then the biogas feeds a cogeneration motor producing heat and electricity.

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