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Succeed upstream for a better recovery of the resource

In collaboration with five Agencies of Publics Works of the group Lhotellier as well as in the framework of privileged partnership, IKOS Hydra intervenes on behalf of the public communities, industrials or private organizations (property development, motorway companies, campsites, etc.).

The know-how of IKOS Hydra is expressed in the following domains:

- the recuperation of rain water, industrial or collective recycling.

- equipment of drinking water networks: pump stations, group of compressed air, flow meter of sectorial nature.

- stations with booster pumps and impoundment.

- unities of pre-treatment.

Among our significant references

Station par filtres plantés de roseaux
Equipement de déservoirs d'orage
Lagune de Beaussault
Requalification du bassin routier Clermont - Fitz James RN31
Création réseau eaux usées
Création réseau eaux usées
Marché à bon de commandes 2018/2019
Réparation d'une canalisation fuyarde sur un poste de refoulement
Station d'épuration par filtres plantés de roseaux
Délégation de service public
Délégation de service public
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